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Best Selling Otc Arthritis Medications

Penetrex - Pain Relief Therapy, 2 Oz. (60ml) | Chosen by sufferers of Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Fibromyalgia, Shin Splints, Neuropathy, and other inflammation related ailments.

Penetrex represents nothing less than a revolution in the treatment of inflammation related repetitive strain ailments including Golfer’s & Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Gout, etc.

Buyers Guide
  • “After about four weeks using it three times a day, the pain is gone!” – Carrie L. Watts
  • “If you think you have muscle or joint pain, I would highly recommend this product.” – Mopy
  • “This is my third or fourth purchase of Penetrex……like one review I read you need to have patience with this product, follow the instructions and it works.” – Gavin Dean

Heel Traumeel 100 Tablets
Heel Inc.

A versatile pain reliever, Traumeel provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with sports injuries, sprains, muscle aches and bruises, as well as minor arthritis pain and inflammation.

Buyers Guide
  • “And TRAUMEEL worked incredibly…WOW, what a blessing!” – Beagle Lover
  • “Traumeel works great for inflamations of the muscle and joints.” – deerater
  • “Works for me better than aspirin or Tylenol with no effect on your stomach.” – hiweck

Nutramax CosaminDS, Capsules, 108-Count Bottle
Cosamin DS

Joint Health Supplement. The orthopedic surgeon and rheumatologist No. 1 recommended brand.

Buyers Guide
  • “Started using this product to help with pain and stiffness in my knees; amazed at the result.” – Sarah
  • “This really helps with my morning aches & pains, & helps the joints feel better all day long.” – J. Braden
  • “I can exercise without the pain!” – K. Malott

Heet Pain Relieving Formula with Hands Off Applicator, 2.8 Ounce

3 Pain relievers provide hours of warming relief from arthritis, back muscle, joint pain, and bruises.

Buyers Guide
  • “Highly recommended for arthritis sufferers.” – Claire crotty
  • “If you use a heating pad too, you had better call the fire department because your skin will feel like it’s on fire.” – SameOldStory
  • “Very hard to find product in the stores.” – Susan P.

Naproxen Sodium by Kirkland Signature - 400 caplets 220 mg Non Presctiption Strength - Compare to the active ingredient in Aleve
Kirkland Signature

For relief of headaches,commoncold, toothache,fever, muscular aches, backache, minor pain of arthritis and menstrual cramps. 400 tablets. Generic of Aleve.

Buyers Guide
  • “I buy this brand over the Aleve brand since it is much less expensive, and I have found the results to be identical.” – Anne B. Ward
  • “Kirkland naproxen is very helpful managing pain caused by my arthritis.” – livoman
  • “I am a repeat purchaser of this product and several others from Kirkland, and I have always been satisfied with the packaging and the product’s performance.” – M. Taylor

Super Blue Stuff OTC ® - Natural Pain Relief Cream, 3 Oz convenient roll-on. Works safely in as fast as 5 minutes for sufferers of Joint Pain, Backaches, Myalgia, Muscle Pain, Sprains, Strains, Bruises and the over 100 types of Arthritis pain.
Blue Spring

What is Super Blue Stuff OTC? Super Blue Stuff OTC Pain Relief Cream by BLUESPRING is a safe topical remedy that provides amazing results in as fast as 5 minutes.

Buyers Guide
  • “We like the roll-on for travel especially as it is not as messy.” – Steve W.
  • “It’s great to relieve muscle pain…just roll a bit on and within a few minutes the tension of muscle pain is gone!” – Judy Chambers
  • “It smells better than any other liniment I’ve ever smelled.” – 6Ford

Bengay Ultra Strength Cream, 4 Ounce

Ultra strength

Buyers Guide
  • “Smells strong had washed hands twice even though smell .” – hitha
  • “Nothing else seems to have the longevity, and relief I’m looking for.” – Joel Eaton
  • “It still hurts a tiny bit, but it is so much better.” – clamarama

Joint Flex Pain Relieving Cream-4 oz
Joint Flex

JointFlex® is the only pain relieving cream that has all of the following:The exclusive FUSOME® Technology which enables the beneficial ingredients to be quickly and safely delivered to your skin leaving no lingering smell or sticky residue.

Buyers Guide
  • “Have been using JointFlex for years and it is a life saver.” – pati2057
  • “When I forget to use it, I feel the pain again!” – JoAnne
  • “After a long ride or run and shower, massaging this into the legs provides almost instant relief.” – eisenbud

Naproxen Sodium Caplets USP, 220 mg (NSAID), 400 Caplets
Members Mark
Buyers Guide
  • “This product known as naproxen sodium chemically, but also known as Aleve by trademark, are the same drug.” – Richard Rawls
  • “Gave it 5 stars.” – Lady B
  • “I can’t believbe that after 3 to 4 days of taking this product that the pain in his knees when completely away and he is now able to walk with no problem!!!” – Scott Solomon

Aleve Arthritis Caplets, 100-Count

Aleve can provide all day pain relief with just two pills and is available in caplets, tablts, gelcaps and liquid gels.

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